The Business Case for Sustainability with Bob Willard May 29th

The Alberta Chapter of ISSP is pleased to host our first Professional Development Seminar for Business Professionals!  May 29th 2:30 – 4:30pm @ Innovate Calgary, 3553, 31st NW Calgary

A Business Case Your CFO Will Love

bob2Seminar Leader: Bob Willard, Sustainability Advantage

We are making progress on pressing sustainability issues, but not enough progress, fast enough.  Too many sustainability initiatives are failing.  Why?  Because they lack senior executive (CEO and CFO) support.  Why?  Because executives don’t always understand that sustainability initiatives are good for the company, as well as for the environment and society.

We need to support sustainability proposals with a more rigorous cost-benefit analysis that shows an attractive payback period and return on investment.

This seminar is designed for professionals working to accelerate sustainability in industry, government and corporations.

Bob Willard’s new, free, open-source, fill-in-the-blanks Sustainability ROI Workbook enables a business case for sustainability proposals that CFOs will love.

Register Here: $50.00 Non-Members/$25.00 Members

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